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  • 1. Education is a process of developing cognitive and non cognitive facilities. It is an art of functioning a child’s emotional, physical, intellectual as well as spiritual component of personality to achieve the highest goal of life and enabling him to contribute to the prosperity of the society in particular and nation in general.

    2.     The school motto ‘LEARN TO OBEY’ has much deeper and wider interpretation than the obvious. Instead of suggesting blind obedience in stand for obeying the right impulses and thoughts. Hence the dictum ‘Together they form a rich educational philosophy ensuring full all around of human personality.’ ‘Learn to obey your right conduct and right approach.’ ‘Thus educated thoughts and wise impulses.’ Obey only that which your mind decides on balance as the right conduct and right approach.’ ‘Thus the school motto represents are very best in the oriental idealism and the philosophy as well as in the rationalism and scientific outlook of the west.

    3.     The path adopted by the school compromises the philosophy of no discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, race, religion, region, monetary or social status of the parents.

    4.     Everyone in the school- the staff and the students alike, is expected to act upto these assuring honour, freedom of thoughts and equal opportunity to each individual. ‘Flexibility, responsibility and opportunity’ are the characteristics features of school life that enable the students to learn and grow with each new experience.


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