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Fee Policy

Admission Fee:
This is a one-time fee payable when seeking admission to OPS. This fee is strictly non-refundable.

Annual Fee:
The annual fee is payable every year. In case of Installment Option, Post Dated Cheques must be submitted.

Transportation Fee:
This is to avail of the School Bus facility along pre-designated routes. This service is not a door-to-door service and is strictly optional. Parents have the option of making personal transport arrangements for their wards. This fee is likely to be reviewed during the course of the session to accommodate variations in running costs.

In the event of late fee payment:
A fine of Rs.500/- per month will be charged on fees paid after the due date.
Students, whose fees remain unpaid, in full or in part, will not be allowed to sit for internal or external examinations. Until the outstanding fee is received, no internal examination results, Report Cards, Transfer Certificates or recommendations will be issued.
If the fee is not paid even after 3 reminders, the child will not be allowed to attend school and all dues shall be recovered from the security deposit.

Once Annual Fees have been paid, no requests for refunds will be entertained.
Fees are payable annually and cannot be refunded if students leave mid-year, without an appropriate notice period.
In the case of withdrawal without notice, the outstanding fees shall be adjusted from the security deposit of the student and the balance if any, refunded.
Transfer certificates and Report Cards are issued once all dues are cleared, school property (including books and equipment) are returned and a “No Due Certificate” is issued.
The cheque for refund of Security Deposit will be dated 6 months from the date of Intimation/ Application for TC.

Bank Charges:
All Bank Charges pertaining to inward remittance of school fee, if any, shall be debited to the student’s account.
In the event of a cheque/draft not being honored, a sum of Rs.1000/- in addition to the bank charges shall be debited from the student’s account.
Om Public School reserves the right to amend the Fee Structure and Fee Policy whenever necessary and the decision of the Management is final and binding and cannot be challenged.

Transaction fee clause:
Transaction fees charged would be borne by cardholder for any payment.
Transaction fee charges would not be refunded/ reversed under any circumstances for any refund/ reversal /chargeback and any other reasons.

Cancellation & refund Policy:
- Fees once paid which are nonrefundable for any reason or any clause of KHARBE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (OM PUBLIC SCHOOL).
- Check box agrees for terms & condition and other payments terms before go to the payment page.

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